Q: How to find out, how much do I need.

A: Follow recommended guide below

No. SKIN REACTION EXAMPLES SKIN TYPE Melanotan 2 Recommended Dosage (mg*)
1Tans little or not of all; burns easily and severely, then peels.People most often with fair skin, blue eyes, freckles, white unexposed skin30 - 40
2Usually burns easily and severely (painful burn); tans minimally and lightly; also peels.People with fair skin, blue or hazel eyes, blonde or red hair, white unexposed skin.25 - 35
3Burns moderately; gains average tan.Average Caucasian, white unexposed skin.20 - 30
4Burns minimally; tans easily and above average with each exposure.People with light brown skin, dark brown hair, dark eyes, white or light brown unexposed skin (Asians, Hispanics, and Mediterranean).20
5Rarely burns; tans easily and substantially.People with brown skin, including brown unexposed skin. (East Indian, Hispanics, etc.).10
6Tans profusely and never burns.People with black skin (Africans and African Americans, Australian and South Indian Aborigines).10

Q: How long should I use Melanotan 2?

A: It depends on personal needs and preferable skin tone. As soon as You like results, You can stop without any worries and restart again when needed.

Q: When to take it?

A: It is recommended to take it after a meal, just because of appetite suppressive effects as mentioned in the side effects section.

Q: How long is it working?

A: Its active ingredients work in your body up to 36 hours, by which being said a body is tanning itself passively for up to 1 and 1/2 days!

Q: Is this product safe?

A: At a very beginning it was tried out in the 1996th year as a clinical trial. General population usage started to explode in 2009th year. There are no reports of serious or dangerous problems or side effects ever since.

Q: Do I need sun exposure or tanning salon with Melanotan 2?

A: Sun exposure or Tanning Salons increase its effectiveness multiple times. By this being said, people who do not use tanning salons will get wanted results but in a longer time.

Q: Is my money safe to order?

A: Yes! As soon as we get payments, You will get confirmation letter and we will guarantee that YOU receive goods.